Speaker Series

Fall 2023

October 24, 7-8.30, “Climate Change: ‘Existential Threat’ or ‘Bump in the Road’?” with Steven Koonin, former Caltech provost and author of Unsettled, and MIT’s Kerry Emanuel (EAPS).

November 9, 7-8.30, “Has Feminism Made Progress?” with Mary Harrington, author of Feminism Against Progress, and MIT’s Anne McCants (History).

Spring 2024

February 26, 7-8.30, 1-190: “Can We Trust Medical Science?”, with Vinay Prasad, author of Ending Medical Reversal and Malignant, and MIT’s Peko Hosoi (MECHE).

April 4, 7-8.3o, 2-190: “Israel/Palestine: What Next?”, with Hussein Ibish (Arab Gulf States Institute), Shanie Reichman (Israel Policy Forum), Nadya Hajj (Wellesley), and Shai Feldman (Brandeis). Please register here.

April 8, 7-8.30, 32-155: “Did Elites Eat the Social Justice Movement?”, with Freddie deBoer, author of How Elites Ate the Social Justice Movement, and MIT’s Edward Schiappa (CMS/W). Please register here.